How to accurately measure progress on site

How to accurately measure progress on site

Determining Percent Work Completed using remaining duration

The most accurate way of measuring progress is achieved by measuring percent complete using remaining duration. This takes into account the budgeted quantity, the baseline production rate and the base duration that was derived using the budgeted quantity and the production rate. Manually altering percent complete leads to incorrect progress recording because everyone’s perception of percent complete is different. For that reason, planning software, such as Candy Planning, does not permit you to alter the percent complete by making it a non-entry column.


  • Excavating a 10m trench
  • Baseline Production rate: 10m3/day
  • Budgeted material quantity: 100m3
  • Duration: 10days

Assume progress is being recorded on day 4 and only 20m3 of material have been excavated. If you manually enter 40%, presumably because that is the amount of time that has elapsed then the computer will calculate that there is 60% remaining and therefore it will calculate the finish date as 6 days from now (60% of 10 days). This would give a wrong end date, whereas if you use the baseline production rate, the remaining 80m3 would be done in 8 days. Using remaining duration to determine percent complete will indicate 20% complete (10 day base duration – 8 day remaining duration) x (100/10) – figure 11 NB – The assumption in the above example is that the baseline production rate will be achieved in excavating the remaining quantity. This calls for more thought to be applied in recording progress on site. The thought process includes:

  • Determining the reasons why the operation is behind schedule; in the example given, why was only 20m3 excavated instead of 40m3?
  • Decide whether the baseline production rate is achievable or not
  • If not achievable, is it possible to bring in more resources?
  • If more resources cannot be brought in, can levels of efficiencies be raised with the current resources?
  • If more resources cannot be mobilised and the efficiencies cannot be increased, then the remaining duration should be derived using the current production output of 5m3/day for the remaining 80m3.

By following the process above, you will be assured of recording accurate progress on site which will assist in determining the correct end date.

This is a CCS way of calculating percent complete. This could be different in other planning softwares.

How to accurately measure progress on site

Figure 1 – recording progress

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